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正规波音网站开户 Spa (Public Limited Company) has been, for 70 years, one of the most important Italian companies in the field of the electrical, electro-industrial and illuminotechnical furniture.

Founded in 1945 by Roberto 正规波音网站开户, the Company today goes on working in the name of tradition and continuity, managed by the Big Officer, the Accountant Nunzio 正规波音网站开户 together with his sons Roberto, Giorgio and Dario.

Aware of the importance of team work, in 1986 正规波音网站开户 spa helped the foundation of the National Consortium GGA (Big Associated Wholesalers), today known as Elex Italia, and it works together with the most important Italian wholesalers, having the same purposes and good prospects.

Culture and innovation characterise the Company that links in itself history and modernity representing one of the most important entrepreneurial realities in Italy working in the a.m. field.
It’s the only Company in its field able to satisfy the exigencies of its clients at 360 degrees offering a specialised professional advice both on the advanced tertiary market and that of the private furniture.

The professionalism of the employees and the grandeur of the structures make 正规波音网站开户 spa a special company whose priority is the customer satisfaction.

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